Too expensive at Crick

Published: Wednesday, 29 May 2019

I WAS most interested to read your report on Crick Show, writes Helen Cripps.

But well knowing your site I was surprised that there was no mention of the price of admission, though I gather you would have got in for free.

EatingA staggering £32

It cost two of us a staggering £32 to get in, and when you do get in all it is is people attempting to sell you things and so take more money off you. In other words a market, which as we all know usually costs nothing to visit.

It is far too expensive for what it is, and as for music, I agree with you that boaters don't go to a boat show to listen to music, you can get that for free whenever you want. The food was most expensive with two Cornish pasties and two teas at £15! Like you, it was a long time ago that we last visited, but I certainly don't remember thinking it was expensive then, but I certainly do now, and I will not be going again.

In many aspects of life there are rip-offs, but there are so many prospective visitors that it doesn't matter as there will always be others following who are not aware, so the organisers will not be too bothered if those like me don't come again, there's always more to be fleeced.

CollingwoodExpensive for traders

When I mentioned this to the traders I was always told that the cost of being there was expensive, with a couple of stall holders telling me that the first two days taking were to pay for being there, and the last one the profit. One particular stall holder saying if it rained then that was it, no profit.

Your write-up told about some traders no longer being there, and from what people told me it seems the traders themselves are fleeced with high rents. So with the expensive rents and expensive entry charges someone is 'raking it in'.

The organisers are listed as Waterways World, Canal & River Trust and Crick Marina.