More attacks on Lee Navigation towpath

Published: Monday, 13 May 2019

ONCE again there have been attacks on the Lee Navigation towpath in East London.

Thugs have been targeting towpath walkers on the towpath in Hackney and Waltham Forrest for many years, at one time pushing cyclists into the river, and there has been another series of knife attacks, Roger Fox reports.

30 reported attacks

There have been around 30 reported attacks by thugs armed with Stanley knifes and wearing balaclavas either threatening, punching or actually attacking towpath walkers to obtain their possessions, men or women alike, then escaping on cycles.

Such are the number of attacks that the towpaths are virtually deserted with people afraid of the gangs of robbers, and so under the 'Canal Watch London' banner, locals have set up patrols, where they police the towpath in groups in an attempt to ease the situation.

Don't walk the towpath alone

The police themselves have stepped up their patrols of the towpath and again warning people not to walk the towpath alone.