The 'hounding' of boaters

Published: Thursday, 25 April 2019

I THOUGHT you may like to know that the 'watermate' key no longer operates some services, writes Jim Cracken.

I went to empty my Elson at Loughborough service station and found I could no longer use the key as a combination lock had been installed. The notice told you to telephone a number to get the code to unlock it, so I went back to the boat to get my mobile, then when I rang there was no answer!

Closed at weekends

So no Elson emptied, but luckily I have a spare. I quizzed a boater moored in the town and he thought that the company securing the services was closed at weekends!  Surely that can't be right?

Is this all part of the hounding of boaters, making simple things under British Waterways now complicated under Canal & river Trust, as I see some nasty mooring threats appearing on mooring notices.