Still they fail...

Published: Wednesday, 24 April 2019

MOST of you will have seen out reports of the 'repaired' locks on the Leicester Section having to be attended to again—yet it still continues.

There was a fortnight's work on Gees Lock in Leicester, yet here we are just days later after it was done, with a paddle not working. (Photograph by Jackie Brown.)

GeesLockPaddle2019Fail and need further work

What on earth is happening? Time and time again work is being done on locks that fail and need further work.

The case of Aston lock is a prime example, where the 'repaired' lock was left with badly leaking gates and then a broken paddle, that will obviously  need further attention even though the work must have been 'signed-off' just a short while previously.

Repaired again

Then the three Leicester Section locks that were repaired just two years ago yet have just been 'repaired' again!

Something is drastically wrong somewhere