L&L closed at Burnley until 8th May

Published: Monday, 04 March 2019

MORE problems for the Leeds & Liverpool Canal as it will be closed at Burnley until the 8th May at least.

The problem stems from the attempted re-lining of the waterway by Manchester Road Bridge to stop leakage, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Too much silt

When the area was de-watered It was discovered the amount of silt along the length of the affected area was far greater than originally anticipated, then when tested it was discovered to be contaminated.

This means that special measures have to be taken to remove it and dispose of it safely, that is causing the delay to the re-opening.

Adding to the woes

Adding to the woes, it was also discovered that a retaining wall was in a much worse condition than expected, and that too requires work.

The waterway will not be open in time for the Easter holidays, so boaters intent upon cruising the Leeds & Liverpool Canal should bear that in mind.