The end is nigh...

Published: Friday, 25 January 2019

AS FAR as using wood to burn on our stoves the government is ensuring that the end is nigh, writes James Henry.

The boater who was accosted on the Regent's Canal is not the first, as I was talking to a fellow boater over the weekend who told me that he too was told not to burn wood on his boat's stove.

All banned

The mayor of London is hell-bent on cutting down smoke from wood burning stoves that have become popular in the city in houses, and will not be satisfied until they are all banned, from what we read in the Press.

Of course boaters too will be hit, and I believe that even 'smokeless' that really isn't, will come under fire (no pun intended) before too long.

Smoking stoves

The problems with all those resident boaters moored by houses on the Regent's Canal that caused such an outcry with their smoking stoves a while back, did not do us any favours.