Told to douse wood fire in stove

Published: Thursday, 24 January 2019

YESTERDAY morning, moored just above Limehouse Basin, I was approached by an official and asked if I was burning wood, writes Nick Patton.

I agreed that I was, then he showed my some identification and told me it was illegal and to douse it immediately.

Stopped burning the wood

In somewhat of a state of shock I asked if it was okay to burn my smokeless fuel that I had on board, showing him the bag, to which he said it was alright at the moment or something similar, so then I told him I would stop burning the wood immediately.

I realise after he had walked away that I should have taken notice of his identification, not knowing which authority he represented, and if in fact he had such authority, but whilst in the capital I shall not burn wood again.

Ban on stoves

I realise the mayor of London has been after a ban on all sort of stoves and there is a 'down' on wood burning, but had not realised it had come into force.