Now it's gardens for visitors

Published: Wednesday, 12 December 2018

THE Canal and River Trust's latest attempt to get more visitors to its waterways is to create waterside gardens.

The first to be created under a new scheme is at Saltaire by the side of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, Alan Tilbury reports.

Towpath Taskforce

Under the title of Towpath Taskforce, using volunteers, the trust is working on a number of locations on the canal between Bingley and Shipley.

The gardens will be created along a four miles stretch of waterway, it being estimated that the work will take three years to create and will become attractions for visitors to the canal.

Murals and Sculptures

In addition to the gardens, murals and sculptures will be comissioned to 'enhance the visitor experience', with of course interpretation boards to explain.

Last Friday work started at Dowley Gap Locks at Bingley, with hedges being planted that 'will provide essential food and shelter for local wildlife, as well as providing added interest for people passing by'.

Done lots of work

Nick Stead, operative at the Canal & River Trust, explained:

“It’s been great to have so many people support the local community by joining our volunteer group and they’ve already done lots of work, so we’re excited to take on this garden project that will benefit wildlife, locals and visitors for many years to come.

“Thousands of people enjoy spending time on or by the canal here each year as it helps them feel happier and healthier, and we’re really proud to show them how the Leeds & Liverpool Canal is at the heart of the area’s heritage and daily life."