Wish they would make their minds up

Published: Monday, 05 November 2018

I FOR one am pleased that there are not so many anglers about these days, writes James Henry.

After being shouted at by an angler for it seems being on the wrong part of the canal when passing I then asked those I met where do they want the boat when passing, to which I received conflicting suggestions.

Varying opinions

One told me as he was fishing (he had one of those long rods) at the far side of the canal I should pass near the towpath, but another told me to keep to the middle but slow right down, and needless to say there were those who wanted me away from the towpath. Whilst to top it all up I met one who wanted me to churn up the water to 'waken them up' and put some revs on. 

After that I just carry on as normal down the centre of the canal, so I too am pleased that there are not so many, and at this rate, before long I believe there will be none.