Magnet fishers pull out unexploded bomb

Published: Wednesday, 24 October 2018

THERE was a bomb scare in Tewksbury after a magnet fisher pulled out a second world war bomb from the Severn.

Aaron Lewis, 22, was trawling the river on Sunday with his magnet when he pulled out the bomb, but had the sense to call the police.

Was live

It was proved to be live as it exploded as an army explosive ordnance disposal team blew it up.

This craze seems to be taking hold with all manner of items being dragged out of canals and rivers, but has its victims with a father and son drowning in the Calder & Hebble.

Ministry of defence complaining

Other items dragged out include a sub-machine gun and unexploded hand grenades, with the Ministry of Defence complaining that bomb squads were increasingly dealing with incidents linked to magnet fishing.

Canal & River Trust too has also warned that pulling up metal objects which have often gone undisturbed for years can be dangerous.