Don't feed ducks junk food!

Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2018

THE latest edict from Canal & River Trust is don't feed the ducks bread, which is junk food!

The trust maintain that bread is not only junk food for ducks but also pollutes waterways and attracts rats, and suggest you feed them on cabbage, lettuce or leftover chopped-up vegetables instead,


Throwing bread into canals and rivers also leads to overcrowding of bird populations as they flock to popular locations in search of their starchy treat.

The trust proclaims that hundreds of thousands of ducks need the help to supplement their natural food sources as winter approaches, but recommended defrosted frozen peas, corn and chopped-up leftover vegetables as healthier than bread.

Difficult to find

Ducks normally feed on insects and grass but these are more difficult to find in winter when the ground is often frozen. Greens including kale, cabbage and lettuce are healthy alternatives.

No mention was made of swans being fed bread, that are particularly greedy and are often seen moving from boat to boat begging for bread.