Bulbourne workshops crumbling

Published: Wednesday, 17 October 2018
ONCE an hive of activity the workshops and adjacent buildings at Bulbourne on the Grand Union Canal are crumbling, 'Our Man on the Summit' reports.
These included listed buildings  and the empty manager's house looking very sad and dilapidated, but cannot be seen through the vegetation!

Boarded up
The old workers' cottages (pictured) are also boarded up, with guttering fallen into the canal and rain pouring down the walls and what is left of the windows.
The brickwork and waterline coping stones are in bad condition (as the photograph below) and there is going to be a big splash soon.
Becoming a liability
This site is fast becoming a liability and not a asset.  Local rumours tell that asbestos has been found which is costly to remove.
 At least they have taken away the old BBQ which attracted rubbish and rats. So a pat on the back there.