What does it mean?

Published: Wednesday, 03 October 2018

WHAT does it mean? 'An elusive motor'—plus innumerable other examples of CaRT's incompetent stoppage communications, asks John Coxon.

When it comes to CaRT spouting off now I can't believe anything it says.

I've never found a group who are so egotistical and have so much self importance and self generated esteem.

Not a word of disquiet

Tom said it all in the article 'Not a word of disquiet': "Such questions were not only omitted, but brushed aside at the meeting, as they did not fit the trust's 'image' as being so capable of looking after its waterways"...

"This ship's unsinkable," said the Captain of the Titanic—"No it's not!" said the iceberg, "let me show you what such dumb complacency really means."