No maintenance problems

Published: Wednesday, 03 October 2018

WHEN considering a canal holiday I read your site and was worried about the many complaints about the canals state of lack of maintenance, writes Geoff Hardy.

But I have to say that having just spent a marvellous week on the Llangollen Canal, I met no sign of this, my wife being able to move the locks [beams] quite easily, as she prefers to do this not liking to steer, with the only problem being the rush of water below the locks that I was not practised enough to control the boat.

Made sure we understood

Also I had good instruction from the hire company who took us through a lock and made sure we understood what to do, with it being drilled into us always to have the boat right at the front when going down he pointing out the part that sticks out at the back that could trap the boat, adding that there was no reason then to be careful letting the water out as the boat would stay there very safe, and not to tie it as it could be hung up as he called it.

Such was our pleasure, though my wife stayed inside when we went over that unpronounceable aqueduct it being so high, we shall be returning next year to try another canal.