He tells it like it is

Published: Friday, 28 September 2018

ONE thing I have always liked about you is that you do what is on the tin—tell it like it is, writes Ed Linacre.

With Ralph Freeman doing very well as his report on CaRT tells it exactly how it is, a ********* shambles, and it is no charity that is for sure.


I just cannot see the logic in getting rid of the workers and lock keepers that so well kept the canals in good working order to save money to spend on such sill things as taking care of damsel flies.  Then setting on half a dozen new directors, no doubt to look after the said damsel flies and suchlike is crackers.

At the moment the whole system is a complete mess, with locks so poorly maintained (read 'not maintained') they are becoming near impossible to work, as you yourselves found out. Yet all the time we get the bumf from CaRT telling how marvellous it is and what good work it is doing.  How many millions is maintenance lagging behind now? 

All goody, goody

What annoys me is you get another web site that includes all this bumf from CaRT, yet you never read of anyone like yourselves who use the canals and say exactly how bad is their condition in this site, but all goody, goody.

I think I have said enough, but my congratulations to Ralph for his honesty in telling it like it is.