Totally incompetent

Published: Thursday, 27 September 2018

THE following is certainly proof if proof needed that proof reading does not occur in CaRT correspondence.

Our Keith Gudgin in telling of the closure of the Paddington Arm, relates that the stoppage notice from CaRT contains the sentence 'Please be advised that salvage contracors have been imbolised and are on route'.

Not capable

The misspelt word 'contracors' and the strange word 'imbolised' of which there is no dictionary definition(!} and stating it is 'on' route when the definition is now usually 'en' route shows that there is surely someone totally incompetent of issuing these stoppage notices who is clearly not capable  withas Victor calls them—'cartisms' time after time giving difficult to understand or wrong information.

It does not fit well with its self-image as a capable organisation when it cannot even issue correct stoppage notices.