Wilmcote Flight in a deplorable condition

Published: Friday, 31 August 2018

I MUST agree with Paul Gratton regarding the state of the Wilmcote Flight, writes Peter Scott.

A trip earlier this year to attend the Stratford River Festival found the flight in a deplorable condition with empty pounds, leaking lock gates, lock gates that would not fully open due to silt build up and worn paddle gear.

Work had little impact

Major remedial works several years ago have had little impact. When I queried why a lock that had been repointed was still suffering 'pissers' (CaRT's term for water spouts from lock walls), I was told that the flight needed a futher £4 million spending on it it to bring it up to an acceptable standard!

As the flight is now closed, I have had to abandon a planned trip in September on the River. However, I am better off than a couple of friends who are now trapped below the stoppage.

Cannot provide a breakdown of the figure

£4 million might seem like a lot of money. However, back in July CaRT's Damian Kemp said in his Boaters Update that CaRT spent £132m maintaining its waterways last year. For some reason, Mr Kemp now seems unable to provide me with a breakdown of this figure despite it being published in CaRT's annual report.