Swing bridge regularly breaks down

Published: Thursday, 30 August 2018

AS PER your comments about the Crabtree Swing Bridge, the bridge was breaking down sometimes twice a day in early spring /summer, and so many days it's hard to remember, writes Neil Barter.

CrabtreeAlthough not always reported by CaRT, local staff told the moorers in the area that it had become the worst stoppage on the system.

Solved at present

The fault seems to have been solved at present, but it was at its worst when boaters in the early season were heading to Liverpool prior to the breach!

The reason seemed to be because the bridge is battery powered and wasn't charging back up quickly enough. New batteries have solved the problem I think. Surely the bridge should be on mains supply now, power cuts in the area are very rare. Oh, no money in the kitty.