How many closed or restricted?

Published: Wednesday, 22 August 2018

READING narrowboatworld over the past few weeks I read aghast the number of canals closed or restricted and wonder how many now, asks Sid Haworth.

As a continuous cruiser it is of great concern for me as I follow the rules and cruise as I should but am deeply worried about getting stuck somewhere where there are no facilities, as are others I have spoken to.

Allowed to remain

We feel that as the canals have been allowed to deteriorate in such a way with so many leaking lock gates causing water shortages we should be allowed to remain in an area where there are facilities, not only for water, pump-outs or Elsan disposal but where we can get provisions, as most of us have no means of transport to get to distant shops.

One of my friends was caught in the Leicester Section stoppage that lasted all last winter, and eventually had no alternative but to leave his boat and stay with relations for the duration, then being worried if his boat would be okay when he returned, but luckily it was.

Cruising a worry

It is events like this, with closure after closure, that make continuous cruising at this time of year a worry, being nervous where to cruise for fear of being caught out, but like many others I am going to keep to the Trent & Mersey Canal that seems to be the only one where there is the possibility of not being trapped for the winter.