Penalties for dangerous cycling

Published: Wednesday, 15 August 2018

I WAS most pleased to hear that the government plans to increase the penalties for dangerous cycling, writes T. Lang.

I have not been using the canals this year (hence nothing from me) owing to the closures and being stuck for a month last season, but I was pleased to read that something at last is being done about those dangerous cyclists who use the towpaths as their personal race tracks.

Laws certainly apply

Twice I have been nearly knocked over by them, one time not being quick enough to get out of the way and falling back into an hedge.  As a towpath is now used as public right of way, as there are no published restrictions that it is private, the new laws will certainly apply, and when they do come in force I advise boaters to report to the police every near-miss or hit, as it is no use reporting them to the Canal & River Trust, as I have tried.

We all know that nothing connected with the canals has to be shown as dangerous, but all boaters know the upgraded towpaths certainly are, especially as being allowed to be used by those Strava fanatics for ever trying to better their speeds.

'Educate them'

I remember the report of your editor bringing this up with CaRT's Chief Executive Officer, and being told by Richard Parry he would 'educate them', but the result of this just being a slogan on the towpath had very little effect if any.

The sooner such towpath activity is made illegal the better.  And not only for boaters but those (is is now 'trillions') of visitors as well.