"Where can we go this year?"

Published: Monday, 06 August 2018

I READ Victor Swift's article and thought the very same 'where can we go this year?’, writes Kevin Howell.

We are based in Ripon so our options for a 2-3 week cruise are limited.

All closed

I thought of the Leeds & Liverpool but it’s closed. What about the Rochdale, it’s closed and we went there last year. We are too big for the Huddersfield Narrow but it is closed!

So we are scratching our heads. Where can we go this year?

Okay, it’s been dry and no water and the locks leak and will we get back and is the boat okay and my licence fee is going up (a lot)! We will go somewhere but it’s very depressing for the future. We have been boating for over 25 years and we are now thinking of getting a motor home! Unthinkable I know but we can’t just waste our summer holidays when we work!

CaRT driving us off the waterways

We love our boating and we wouldn’t sell our boat but CaRT is driving us off the waterways (temporarily, hopefully!). There is not much left of the waterways that can be used for boating up North!