Poor performance by CaRT

Published: Tuesday, 17 July 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to both Victor and John on their all too true revelations of the poor performance of Canal & River Trust, writes, James Henry.

It is all too true that CaRT is no longer bothered about its waterways, otherwise six would never have been closed at the same time, surely an all-time record.

Not been allowed to happen

As your two scribes both inform us, never in the working days of the canals would this present situation have been allowed to happen.  It would have been like closing six of today's motorways.

But as surely all boaters are now aware, money is no longer going where it should—in keeping the canals open.

I should well imagine like many other boaters I wait in eager anticipation to hear the next crazy scheme that CaRT has conjured up to waste even more money on.