It's still stop-go on the Macc

Published: Monday, 16 July 2018

IT IS still stop-go on the Macclesfield Canal, with it again at 'stop'.

It was 'stop' on Sunday when the 'leak' was discovered at Bollington on the canal, with stop planks installed at each side of the problem, Keith Gudgin tells us.

Then earlier today, it did not look too bad so the stop planks were removed and the navigation open, but later this afternoon the leak was worse so the stop planks are back in place again, so  it is 'stop', with no navigation through Bollington.

Huddersfield Narrow still closed

So boaters will not be able to get to the Huddersfield Narrow off the Trent & Mersey, but really not much point as it is bad news from that waterway too.

The promised update for the 13th did not arrive until today (Monday) with the news that the problem of the voids is worse than at first thought, so the canal remains closed at lock 9E, with a further update promised on the 20th.