Should know better

Published: Thursday, 07 June 2018

Boater's facilities should be Boaters' facilities. Notice the apostrophe, writes Bill Ridgeway.

NantwichServiesThe facilities are for all boaters not for either a single boater or a person named boater. CaRT pays good money (which could be used more effectively elsewhere) to replace a sign that doesn't need replacing with one that displays bad grammar.

Beggars believe

It beggars belief that whoever designed, checked, signed off and made the sign all didn't notice the error. I would presume all other similar signs may have the same error. I suppose we should be grateful there is an apostrophe at all.

You can imagine the situation: "I suppose we should have an apostrophe somewhere?"  "Yes, just stick one in." They had a fifty/fifty chance of getting it right but at least the sign is shiny and new!