Marple flight now closed

Published: Wednesday, 06 June 2018

THOUGH boats were allowed through Lock 11 on the Marple Flight under restriction, this has now been withdrawn and the flight again closed to navigation.

The flight on the Peak Forest Canal had been closed for eight months whilst Lock 15, was being repaired that re-opened on the 26th May then the problem with Lock 11 was discovered so a restriction was implemented just five days later.

Marple11Similar problem

The decision has now been made to close the lock entirely as it has been discovered there is a similar problem to Lock 15—movement of a lock wall, it having moved inwards restricting access.

We are told the decision to close the lock is that more problems were found in its operation than had been anticipated so further inspection is required.

This means the decision will be taken as to whether the lock can be re-opened or if a more extensive repair is going to be needed, that will mean a longer closure.