At least the sign is shiny and new

Published: Wednesday, 06 June 2018

THERE have been lots of comments on Facebook about the dire state of the service block at Nantwich, but at least the notice is shiny and new!

NantwichServiesIt is of course that of the half submerged tyre that is Canal & River Trust's strange new logo, that In spite of assurances that signs would only be replaced as necessary, Nantwich is now sprouting a proliferation of new signage with the new logos, though I don't recall the old ones being worn out, Linda Andrews points out.

Cost of £2m

The large new sign on the service block reads'"Boater's Facilities'. I wonder which boater they belong to. For the alleged £2m, one would at least expect them to get the grammar correct!

Photo by Mark of Cheshire Cat Narrowboats.