Victor: 'Wellbeing' is the (nearly) new 'in' word

Published: Sunday, 03 June 2018

THE word 'wellbeing' was first introduced to sort-of explain Cart waterways last year, but fell flat.

But then it came up with the idea of getting an 'expert' to prove that being by the side of the canal made you happier and improved your life satisfaction!

BirmMuddyTowpathOur Thomas rather put the kibosh on that by including a few pictures of the canals that wouldn't make anyone either happier or improve their life satisfaction. And here's another one from our recent trip of not only the stinking black stuff our prop was churning up in Birmingham but a muddy towpath too..  Can't see that making anyone happy  It certainly did not have that effect on us.

Neither did the couple of empty pounds showing all the mud, and one was at Cart's showpiece locks at Hatton.  Some showpiece, eh?

Could be right

This is all part of the rebranding of Cart and the appointment of the six new executive directors and don't let's forget of course its new daft logo of the half submerged tyre, with contributor Brian D Jarrett believing that Cart is about to enter its next five years of decline, as it focuses on none paying 'customers' whilst seriously upsetting its real paying customers!

Our Keith Gudgin too has his own feelings telling that instead of Cart giving its friends more high level, high paid jobs, it would have been better if they spent the money on repairing the breaches, closed locks, broken bridges etc. that are festooning the system at the moment would it not?

Then perhaps we would have the two rings that are closed and the L&L in working order to give all the people Cart wants to attract somewhere to actually go on the system?

The answer at last!

Many of you send 'bits' of information and comments to us but one I really like was from a George Delfield:

'I have had an easy week on the Shroppshire Union including a bit of a panic at Audlem, but I'm afraid I did not see all those thousands of visitors that I should have, but then realised why, obvious really—they are invisible!'

So that's where they are!

Victor Swift