But what can they do?

Published: Thursday, 15 March 2018

THOUGH we can feel for Natalie Pike who lost her beloved dog, Silva, that drowned in the Shropshire Union Canal, her proposed campaign can do nothing.

Deeply grieving

Natalie who is a presenter for Manchester City 's official match day entertainment is 'deeply grieving' after her beloved dog drowned, Alan Tilbury reports, but Natalie telling:

"Once we have recovered from the shock, I plan to contact the council, MPs, the park, the water agency and anyone else I can think of."

SilvaDangerous places

Can have little effect as the waterways can be dangerous places as is proven again and again by the many drownings, but it just has to be realised that they are dangerous for humans and animals too.

Natalie was walking her dog Silva in the Countess of Chester Park by the side of the canal on Tuesday afternoon when the dog slipped, fell into the water and drowned.

Walkers in the park attempted to save Silva, and even the fire brigade was called, but she had been swept under a concrete overflow and lost her life.

Natalie has pledged a campaign to make people aware of the safety risks of the canal.