Still deserted on the Shroppie

Published: Thursday, 15 March 2018

IT WAS exactly two months ago that you kindly included about us seeing no visitors past our boat at Knighton on the Shroppie, and thought I would bring you up to date.

And thank you for just using our first names only. But back to the matter in hand. For that four days in January we kept a strict look-out there were no visitors whatsover on the towpath past our boat, and the other week we saw none during the 'Beast from the East' as it was called.

No more than 50 in two months

But we have seen six since then.  I should think the total number of visitors, for two months, that officially (by CaRT) should have been 37,680 was, we are afraid, no more than 50, and as the Shroppie towpath stretches for mile upon mile through nothing, continuously multiplying this by 628 per mile per day, shows just how absolutely ridiculous its claim of visitors to its canals is.

They are complety crackers.

Jim and Ether