Richard Branson's houseboat

Published: Monday, 05 June 2017

WE WERE on our way north out of London on the Grand Union on 14th May when we caught up with a push tow at Cowley Lock, writes Roger Fox.

Branson boatThe origin of the wide beam vessel only became clear after the tug crew explained that it was the base vessel of the famous houseboat once owned by Sir Richard Branson and moored at Broomfield Terrace, Paddington.

Broken up

The wooden hull had seen better days, having been overskinned with cement and rubber sheeting at some time in its life. It was on its way to Rickmansworth to be broken up, but some of the remaining good roof timbers are said to be being salvaged for a future Richard Branson project.

We worked up with the tug and the pictures shows the tow being re-assembled above the lock.