How many visits today?

Published: Friday, 10 February 2017

I HOPE you do not mind, but I really have to ask, just how many of those fantastic 460 millions visits will there be to the waterways today? Asks T. Lang.

Well according to CaRT and its spokesman (or should that now be spokesperson) John Dodwell, today should see 1,260,273 visits to its 2,000 miles of waterways.

Towpath covered in frost

I don't know about you but where I am there is ice on the canal and the towpath is this morning covered in frost and if today is anything like yesterday on my stretch of canal there will be exactly five visit, and as I know two of those are actual boaters who are already here, that leaves three!

After all, it is winter and it is freezing, and I have to admit that the most visits I have seen during all January was a crowd of 28 people that were obviously organised, and that on one of the sunny days of January.

No one remarking

My point is that I cannot remember anyone, even your Victor, remarking that if there are none on one day then there has to be double on another day to make up those millions. And with what I have seen this winter a dozen a day is about the average, so that must surely means many many millions more come the season.

So that 450 millions becomes around 800 million visits to make up for today and another 800 million for every day lost, and when you calculate all winter and so few visits it must mean CaRT are telling us there are literally billions during summer to make up the loss.  Must be shoulder to shoulder along the whole 2,000 miles!

Crackers, isn't it?

[John Dodwell states there  are 460,000,000 visits a year to the waterways.]