Grantham to be filled in

Published: Thursday, 24 September 2009

THE Grantham Canal is to be filled in at Stragglethorpe to facilitate the widening of the A46.

British Waterways has agreed to the stretch of canal being filled with soil to allow contractors Balfour Beatty to create an access road providing the  company with easier access whilst carrying out works to construct a new bridge over the canal.

BW explains the work in the area are expected to last around three years, but once finished, the soil will be removed restoring the line of the canal.

The Grantham Canal Society is working on proposals to raise the crossing at Stragglethorpe Road by installing a new bridge over the canal during the A46 construction work.

The Highways Agency and its contractors  Balfour Beatty and Scott Wilson are very supportive of the restoration of the Grantham Canal it is stated, and that they 'recognise the benefits a restored canal will offer to the communities along the canal and are making a positive contribution to the development of this project'.