British Waterways into wind turbines

Published: Wednesday, 02 September 2009

BRITISH Waterways has joined forces with Partnerships for Renewables with the intention of installing wind turbines at its reservoirs.

A feasibility study is underway at British Waterways' Boddington reservoir in Northamptonshire, to erect five wind turbines, though it could be a year before the actual plans are submitted.

If permission is granted five wind turbines of 427 feet in height will be built, supplying power to the National Grid.

Richard Mercer, of British Waterways, remarked:

"Two hundred years after the waterways were built to serve the industrial revolution, it is important that we put our land and waterways to full use which includes helping to fight the battle against climate change.

"Should the plans at Boddington Reservoir go ahead, then all the income that British Waterways generates will be reinvested into the looking after our canals and rivers for the benefit of the environment and local community."

However is is expected that the scheme will generate what the partners refer to as 'feedback', which usually means objections.