Water level back at Tyrley but as 'quiet as the grave'

Published: Sunday, 23 August 2009

BRITISH Waterways finally got to grips with the water situation at Tyrley and the level was back to normal here on Friday but they were still having problems getting enough down to Audlem and beyond.

Although that has probably changed by now as water is being sent past Tyrley to feed further North, writes Richard Hall.

We had the first boat for over a week up the locks today and one went down yesterday, otherwise it is as quiet as the grave because boats going south have nowhere to go other than Goldstone Wharf. It must be playing hell with the pubs at Goldstone, Shebdon and the Anchor with so little traffic about and even those further south can't be overjoyed at losing business at the peak time of the year.

I hear Mr R Evans has been up to see the leak so it must be considered quite serious. I wonder if they have a contingency fund for such occurrences? "You must be joking!" I hear you ask?

On the positive side BW didn't waste any time getting a contractor on site to try to sort out the water problem. The Shroppie is in a difficult situation with regard to water as it is fed entirely from the southern end by the sewage works at Autherly and the reservoir at Belvide.

I'm surprised that Telford built it with such dependence on water from one end although when it was new it did have a feed from Knighton Reservoir but that is no longer in good enough condition to be able to supply the canal.