BW successfully prosecute speedster

Published: Friday, 21 August 2009
BRITISH Waterways has successfully prosecuted a boater for speeding at Brayford Pool, which cost her £347.

British Waterways has this week secured the successful prosecution of boater Rachael Jennings following a number of offences at Brayford Pool on the Witham in Lincoln.

At the Lincoln Magistrates Court hearing she pleaded guilty to the two British Waterways bye-law offences of speeding and inconsiderate boating and was fined a total of £347.

The boat was exceeding the speed limit through Brayford Pool on 30th May creating excessive wash which was causing concern to owners of boats moored nearby.

The speed limit on the River Witham is 4mph. Boats exceeding this limit can cause problems by violently rocking moored boats, and in more rural locations, can cause damage to river banks.

Sean McGinley, Acting General Manager of British Waterways explained:

"Whilst we want to encourage people to enjoy Lincolnshire's waterways the behaviour of this individual was unacceptable. The waterways are there for everybody and where inappropriate behaviour of individuals is threatening the safety or enjoyment of others we will take the necessary action."

British Waterways have not released the name of the culprit, not wishing to point the finger, but it is our policy that anyone acting so unselfishly towards other boaters should be named, hence the inclusion.