More Wigan paving stolen

Published: Wednesday, 12 August 2009

ONCE again thieves have stolen paving from besides the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Wigan.

It was last year that thieves stole around 20 square yards of the honey coloured paving by the Pier, but now more of the setts have been removed in two separate places between the Pier and Martland Mill from the towpath of the waterway.

British Waterways is investigating the disappearance, and in the meantime have filled the holes with aggregate as a temporary measure.

The paving stolen last year has still not been replaced, causing anger amongst cyclists who believed this is dangerous.

A British Waterways spokesman tells us:

"British Waterways is aware block paving disappeared from the towpath on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal in Wigan. We are unsure whether it has been stolen or simply thrown into the canal by vandals as a similar incident happened last year. We will fill the area with sand as a temporary measure to make it safe."

This is the same location on the towpath that the two sculptures, Pit Brow Lass and Boat Builder were stolen within days of their installation, as reported in narrowboatworld.