Llangollen breach averted

Published: Wednesday, 29 July 2009

A BREACH was discovered at Grindley Brook on the Llangollen Canal on Monday, (27th July) but prompt action by British Waterways staff prevented a major stoppage.

The breach in the canal bank between lock 3 and 4 at Grindley Brook was discovered at 0630 Monday 27th July, the water flow closed off at 0715 and the canal closed, writes Brian Holmes.

What could have been a two weeks stoppage was averted by the prompt action of British Waterways Wales and Border Counties team at Ellesmere.

Traffic was stopped for just over 24 hours whilst a temporary dam was installed across the breach, water flow restored to feed Hurleston reservoir and the local cottages pumped out.

To help the traffic move smoothly on Tuesday 28th, British Waterways made the decision to turn the staircase lock every hour instead of the normal practice of three boats up and three boats down.

Better to wait an hour than to have two weeks with no traffic. Well done British Waterways.

The photo [by Brian] shows a boat approaching the tail of the staircase and over to the right, the temporary dam in place.