Boat lift or a wheel for Daventry

Published: Thursday, 23 July 2009

A BOAT lift or even a wheel are the preferred options for a new canal arm—at Daventry.

Daventry Council members are so intent to get a canal arm from the Grand Union Canal for its proposed basin in the town that they are now considering either a boat lift or a wheel as the means of connecting it.

The Falkirk Wheel has so interested councillors that £75,000 has been paid for boat lift designs.

The other option, an inclined plane, based on the former one at Foxton, has also interested the councillors, and which is also being investigated.

They believe that either would be a great tourist attraction, with mentions of getting 500,000 visitors a year—based on the Falkirk Wheel of course.

Daventry District Council's Managing Director, Ian Vincent explained:

"A design study has been carried out with a range of options considered. The two preferred design options put forward for a boat lift not only prove to be effective lifting mechanisms for the proposed canal arm but could also potentially become tourist attractions in their own right, encouraging investment and growth into the district.

"They will also enable the council to generate further interest in the boat lift project and its plans to construct a canal arm, marina and surrounding development as part of the town centre vision."

A lift would replace four of the seven locks on the proposed canal, which would link the Grand Union Canal. A planning application for the marina and canal without the boat lift is expected sometime during the summer.