Man arrested for boat fire

Published: Wednesday, 08 July 2009

THE police have arrested someone in connection with the cruiser fire at Carnforth, who it seems went on a rampage.

The police arrested someone for torching the craft around dinner time on the day of the fire, writes Andy Little. He had also smashed a couple of shop windows in Carnforth in the same 'adventure'.

The fire could have been nasty—there were two gas cylinders on board plus a 20 litre jerry can of diesel, and the boat was moored near a petrol station and just across the cut from some liveaboard narrowboats.

One of the people on these boats alerted the fire brigade when he was awoken by an explosion, and they were on the scene within minutes. Very little was left apart from the hull as stated in narrowboatworld earlier. BW moved the remains of the boat across to the Nu-Way Acorn Marina before dinner time where it was removed from the water. The owner has now been in touch with BW.

This has been a very isolated incident—we have very litte bother of any sort in this area, so please do not be put off visiting!