Boaters win the day

Published: Thursday, 02 July 2009

THE problems with the proposed fence along the Rochdale Canal in Manchester, which would prevent easy boaters' access to locks, are being dealt with.

British Waterways will be making a number of improvements to Lock 86 on the waterway following the outcry and discussion with boaters who were concerned about accessing canal street safely which will become more difficult once a proposed new fence is installed.

The upgrades will include the staging downstream of Lock 86 will be re-surfaced, bespoke steps will be added to the steep slope going under the bridge and the current offside landing ‘area' will be extended.

However, there has been no mention of providing a gate in the fence to allow boaters access to street level using the permanent steps, as shown in the above picture by Martin Clark of Pennine Waterways.

Improvements are planned to be installed by late August subject to discussions with Manchester City Council.