Trying to get more boaters to the Thames

Published: Wednesday, 24 June 2009

THE Thames Boat Trades Association (TBTA) it to launch ‘Discover Your Thames Week', in an attempt to get more boaters on the Thames.

This new promotional campaign, which will take place 11th to 19th July is aimed at encouraging more people to use the Thames, after the reduction in boating as a direct result of increasing costs and the current economic situation.

Supported by TBTA members, who include boat builders, boat hire companies, passenger boat operators and marinas, the plan is to offer visitors to the area a variety of boating opportunities at reduced cost, together with special discounts for existing boat owners and open days at participating boat yards.

Many British Waterways licenced holders have found the ever increasing cost of a licence for even a few days on the river to be very high priced, and so have added to the lack of boating activity on the river.