Canal Boat Watch scheme for the Erewash

Published: Monday, 22 June 2009

IT WAS last year that police patrols were instigated along the towpath of the Erewash Canal, which went some way to cutting down on the vandalism to boats and towpath problems around Ilkeston and Cotmanay.

But the problem has moved to Langley Mill, with frequent call-outs to the police, especially by boaters coming under attack from yobs on the towpath and goods being stolen from boats.

The anti-social behaviour has reached such a pitch that the police have launched a Canal Boat Watch scheme, and have called on all boaters in the area to join.

Under-age drinking around the canals in the Langley Mill area, is also a problem, the police have stated, which of course fuels the anti-social behaviour. An event at Langley Mill is shown in Brian's picture.

The boaters who sign up for the the Canal Boat Watch scheme will receive information about making their boats safe and secure, as well as an ultra-violet marker pen to mark their property.

It is around the boatyard at Langley Mill where the biggest problem is at the moment, with Brian Bradbrook, Watch Co-ordinator, explaining:

"The more people who join the watch, the more successful it will be in deterring crime and making the Langley Mill boatyard an even safer and more pleasant place to visit."