Trent flood scheme will not protect marinas

Published: Friday, 12 June 2009

WORK on the £51 millions Trent flood scheme started today (Friday 12th June) will protect 16,000 homes from Sawley to Colwick, but not the marinas.

Known officially as the Left Bank Flood Risk Alleviation Scheme, Erewash MP, Liz Blackman, cut the first piece of turf this morning at 10am next to the Harrington Arms in Sawley, where a wall will be installed by the pub to hold back flood water, Alan Tilbury relates.

The barrier however will not extend to the other bank of the river to protect either Sawley Marina, the Derby Motor Boat Club or the much flooded Plank and Leggit pub by Sawley Marina entrance. It is believed that by preventing the excess water flowing over the road and back into the river will mean it will be channelled towards the other bank making the flooding at the marinas worse.

The picture shows the entrance to Sawley Marina and the road to the Derby Motor Boat Club when flooded.

Road to marinas closed

The work will close the B6540 road to the two marinas for four weeks during their busiest month of August, leaving only the route from the A50 open. The work in this area will take six months.

This closure of this main feeder to the M1 is necessary as the road just north of Harrington Bridge over the Trent often floods, and so will be raised as part of the flood barrier.

Erewash boats not protected

The Erewash Canal too will be closed whilst the flood gates across the waterways by the Sheetstores Marina are replaced and raised. Again this means that neither the boats along the Erewash Canal or the pubs will be protected against flooding.

Further flood defences will be constructed along the Trent on its way down to Colwich beyond Nottingham, after the first phase between Sawley and the Erewash is completed.