Not so safe

Published: Thursday, 04 June 2009

THERE is to be a new pub at Wolverton, which is being built as part of the development of the old railway carriage works, Roger Fox tells us.

The development, which is well advanced, in addition to the pub, will be a mix of housing and retail outlets, and is on the towpath side of the Grand Union Canal at Milton Keynes where there is a huge housing development sandwiched between the canal and the station.

However, health and safety was not very well maintained, on the site as Roger relates:

"We were trying to moor in a high wind at the new towpath moorings when a long temporary fence blew down, like a pack of cards, felling and injuring a member of our crew. There was much rushing around by the builders who provided first-aid and re-instated the fence, now tied by blue string to the drainpipes and handrails of the new building. The injury was not life threatening, but it was a lucky escape. A child could have been very serious hurt."