Calder & Hebble Navigation searched

Published: Monday, 18 April 2011

THE Calder & Hebble Navigation is being searched for body parts, that the police believe have been dumped in the waterway.

An underwater search team has been combing the Calder & Hebble Navigation near the Anchor Bridge (pictured) at Brighouse for a murdered man's body parts, Alan Tilbury reveals.

Continuing investigation

This is part of the continuing investigation into the murder of Adam Vincent, whose leg, arm and torso was discovered at the derelict Tetney Lock on the Louth Canal as reported in narrowboatworld.

The search is now on for other body parts including the head, with the police moving the search to the Calder & Hebble after a sighting of a van that was used to dispose the other parts of the body.

Five men have appeared in court in Grimsby accused of conspiracy to murder.