RCR warns of canal dangers

Published: Thursday, 24 March 2011

THE boat breakdown rescue service company River Canal Rescue (RCR), is warning boaters of the dangers of the the canals after saving boats in the past year.

Though river boaters were usually aware of strong streams, canal boaters  too need to be aware of the dangers, Stephanie Horton of River  Canal Rescue warned, telling that the company had rescued 12 from capsizing in the past year.

Take dangers more seriously

She urges waterways users to take the dangers of canals more seriously, and particularly those new to the canals to take particular care around locks, where the  spill can catch a boater unawares and even tip the boat up.

But of course rivers in flood are particularly dangerous, with the company only just managing to save one from going under that had been driven sideways onto a bank on the Avon last month.

Fire fighters then had to help the crew to escape.

Readers may remember that the Avon was a particular peril last month, with two boats stuck in Eckington Bridge.