Prison for Avon driver

Published: Thursday, 24 March 2011

REGULAR readers may remember the story of the man who drove his children into the Avon at Evesham, attempting to drown them.

A court has decided that he knew what he was doing, and would not accept that it was an accident, and the judge sentenced him to 'life' for his action that took place in February 2010.

Strapped in the back

Christopher Grady drove his car into the river with his two children strapped into the back, and was convicted of murdering his daughter Gabrielle aged five and attempting to murder his son Ryan, then aged six. He was told at Birmingham Crown Court he must spend at least 15 years in prison.

Though the three were rescued from the vehicle after two hours, Gabrielle died three days later in hospital.

Run concurrently

Mr Justice Lindblom, also sentencing Christopher Grady to 10 years in prison for the attempted murder of Ryan, to run concurrently, told him:

"It would horrify any right-thinking person. You took the life of your daughter Gabby, who was five years old.  You tried to take the life of your son Ryan, who was six. Those crimes were born of anger and self-pity."

The judge told the court that Grady had betrayed the trust of his defenceless children, who were screaming and crying in terror.

Denied charges

During the trial Grady denied the charges and told the court it was an accident.

The children's mother Kim Smith, told that Grady had arrived at her home and gave her 10 seconds to say goodbye to the children for the last time, and that her ex-partner's face had been contorted and vile as he drove off with the children to Hampton Ferry, shouting 'river'.