During November...

Published: Friday, 03 December 2010

EVERY now and again we tell you what were the top read pages in narrowboatworld, so here are those that were most read in November.

New diesel fuel

The exclusive news concerning the new diesel fuel for boaters was the most read of any page during November, being viewed 12,803 (14,979) times.

The next most viewed was one of Allan Richards' articles of the news that the much acclaimed (and expensive) Olympic waterways would not be used during the Olympics, having 8,204 (9,598) hits.

Third on the list was that the Environment Agency were toughening up its rules, viewed 8,092 (9,467) times.

The next two were our columnists, with Richard Swans' article 'More or less safety boaters safety' having 7,882 (9,221) hits.

Then Ralph Freemans' article 'Fradley Junction—time for a rethink being seen 7,609 (8,902) times.

Aired today

Coincidently, articles on both the Olympic waterways and Fradley Junction are being aired today, showing that NbW is still on top of what concerns boaters the most.

Which is perhaps why during November the Home page was visited 316,621 (370,446) times.  And as we see that at each visit an average of 4.2 pages are seen, that means during November 1,329,808 (1,618,851) pages were viewed. As we often stated—Nothing comes near!

The figures in bold include the pages that could not be calculated by our Server given as 17%, so show the estimated number of pages viewed, that Victor told had been omitted!