It's starting

Published: Thursday, 02 December 2010

THERE'S now ice on the waterways, and of course people believe it can hold their weight, but it cannot so they are having to be rescued.

A 10 years old boy was tempted on to the ice of the Stourbridge Canal at Wordsley, but soon fell through, with the usual warnings, that are only too often ignored, being issued about the dangers, Alan Tilbury reports.

Up to his chest

Luckily for the boy, Brian Heathcote was passing and managed to pull out the youngster who was up to his chest in the water, by getting down on his knees so they could reach each other.  Brian then massaged the shivering boy's legs until he regained his circulation and could be taken to his home a short distance away.

In another incident further up the waterway, two had been luckier as their names were seen written in the snow on the ice of the canal.