Incensed at radio untruths

Published: Thursday, 11 November 2010

LISTENING to a representative of British Waterways on the Radio 4 Today programme, Amy Dickerson was so incensed at what she was hearing she contacted the radio station, to put the matter straight.

Amy remarks:

"What a way to wake up hearing BW lies being transmitted over the airwaves about how they are in a better position to manage the historic structure of the canal system."

Alternative picture

She was so incensed that she told them:

"Following your interview with a representative of British Waterways this morning could I suggest that you explore the pages of to get an alternative picture of BW's investments and losses under the present management structure. Far from making and investing money in the historic structure of the canal system, it appears that funds are leaking faster than the water did this summer out of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

"God help us if they are charged with managing the greater canals and river system under their proposals."